Declaration By Indigenous People of the World, Protocols

TO: Concerned indigenous people of the world, and Declaration signers.

RE:     Declaration by Indigenous People of the World, Protocols


            The Declaration by Indigenous People of the World is an instrument intended to move through this political, social, economic, and spiritual time, while regarding grace, reverence, humility, love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, insightful knowing, inherit natural Liberty and personality as attributes of life.

This document has been initiated outside of the academic institutional education system, with direct consultations with indigenous peoples and case reviews of indigenous peoples’ experiences with surrogate authorities and powers of alien corporations and foreign agents enforcing doctrines and laws upon indigenous communities.

The declaration’s language is English, the fonts are American Dictionary, and speech encoding usual to high order abstractions, high status academic knowledge and inner circle dialogues and consensus, are avoided.

The declaration’s organization is numbered strictly for reference, and is not particularly subjugated to an order affect, e.g. philosophy, intellect found in ‘scriptural authorities,’ ‘law arbitrary,’ or secular political persuasions.

The linguistic expressions, phrases, words are derived from actual consultations with indigenous peoples of many back ground experiences, political persuasions, philosophical ideals, and preeminent moral authorities.

The actual consultations were based upon non-intrusive interviews, direct observations, and documentary exhibits provided to the auditor directorate for, William Blair; and statements observed at the Public Information Environmental Law Conferences held annually at the University of Oregon.

The Declaration by Indigenous People of the World is an English translation written by the auditor directorate, in consultation with indigenous people.

This declaration may be signed by all indigenous people of the world, which means every natural person in the world, whether living in the same place or subjugated to an exodus, immigration protocol, and forced displacement.

The signers are at Liberty to enter a hand written declaration. The Original declarations, those bearing the signature of signers and attachments are to be returned to the auditor directorate, William Blair, Infraspect, for safe keeping. (See Below.)

The declaration may be viewed publicly, the declarations be known to all people of the world. This declaration may be viewed in forth coming gatherings, assemblies, and tribunals pertaining to affairs of all indigenous peoples.

The name signatures and time of signing are proprietary information, and will not be marketed, or provided as lists, or intentionally disclosed for the benefit of adversaries.

Non-attribution of the declaration by indigenous people of the world applies to commercial media enterprises, including for profit, not-for-profit, non-profit corporations, intercepting surveillance agencies foreign and domestic. The document is marked for protection from intentional infringements, and perversions of its spirit, purpose and intent.

The meaning of symbols, language, words, phrases, marks, and signature used by the signers are as appears. Indigenous actualities, attributes of life and aspects of society, places, sovereignty, consciousness and spirituality are reserved rights by each signer, as natural trusted and perfected persons holding right of leadership.

Persons requesting declaration forms and information may contact:

William Blair
Auditor Directorate
Post Office Box 25736
Eugene, Oregon 97402
Art George, Jr
PO Box 311
Gardnerville, NV 89410