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Manifesting the Declaration: a story hits the paper.
     The discovery in 1858 of the Comstock Lode in Nevada led to a cyclone of progress that swept up the indigenous Washeshu, forever changing their lives, their sacred aspect, and the very land they called home for ten millennia.
*    *    *
     Eight generations later, in a modern little town near Lake Tahoe, (‘dá’aw,’ in the Washo language,) about a day’s ride on horseback from that silver strike, a young Washo man named Art George, Jr., lived according to the old ways, and walked the path he had walked with his father, learning the path the elders told about, in their stories of his people.
     He had important help to give his people; and began doing his part to bring harmony with spirit back to his people. He was guided to give his vision to his people, and the song came from his lips and words began to flow.
     One day Art knew the words were right, these prayerful, heartfelt, mindful words, and began to shape them into a document rooted in the rights and freedoms and responsibilities of his culture, and relevant to humanity at large.
     On the anniversary of his father's birth, this young man's prayers were answered in a most meaningful way: into his hands was delivered this powerful document which deserves focused attention, Declaration by Indigenous People of the World.
     As tends to happen with timely things, the spirit of the Declaration "grew wings," and the local newspaper picked up the story.

Declaration By Indigenous People of the World, Protocols.
     The Protocols, in the words of this auditor, speak to what this document is, how this document evolved, and give some frames of reference.

Declaration by Indigenous People of the World and Hand Written Declarations.
     This document evokes essential Liberty; which must be tempered by Wisdom, respect, and responsibility. It is a document that seeks to unify body, mind, and spirit with freedom; and acknowledges transcendent rights for all. The Declaration is an organic document. The person reading the Declaration is invited to make it their own with the addition of aspects of particular insightful knowing to them.

Signatures for the Declaration by Indigenous People.
     If the reader understands the Declaration and is in harmony with its aims, here is the place for signatures, dates, and places. Keep the document moving, make copies, spread the news if you choose! When it is right, give it flight, send those signatures in. (See below.) In time, the documents will be collected, and prepared for presentation to local and international governing bodies, including the United Nations.

Translation Attachments.
     When words are not sufficient, this provides a way to enhance the message.

~ ~ ~

When you are ready to return the documents, contact details are listed on this page:

Declaration by Indigenous People of the World, Protocols.
     The Declaration is free to share with everyone.

Thank you.

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